It was just National pretzel Day, well why is there not a gluten free pretzel national day?

Gluten-free? Not on National Pretzel Day Well we need a gluten free pretzel day! Interesting nonetheless. Even though our pretzels are gluten free its still the same history. SHIRLEY MCMARLIN  | Thursday, April 26, 2018, 10:48 a.m. Here’s a little history lesson for National Pretzel Day: Legend has it that, around A.D. 610, Italian monks served their young students treats […]

Where Does the wheat grow, interesting interactive map. But where does the gluten free grow?    

Phil Lambert Supermarket Guru New Product Reviews [Many Gluten Free]

Phil’s Food Reviews® Gatorade Whey Protein Bar Almond Butter This protein bar is a HIT! Apr 25, 2018 Watch Video Redd Bar Superfood Energy Bar Salted Caramel This energy bar is a HIT! Apr 25, 2018 Watch Video Arizona Cowboy Cocktail Watermelon Apr 25, 2018 Watch Video North Coast Organic Apple Sauce Pumpkin Spiced This Apple Sauce is […]

Egg in a Hole Gluten Free ‘Croque Madame’

Looking for a unique way to have eggs and gluten free toast? Egg in a Hole Gluten Free ‘Croque Madame’ Thick-cut ham, melted swiss, parmesan cheese and mornay sauce on a sunny-side-up egg-filled sourdough bread.   YIELD Makes 4 servings ACTIVE TIME 35 min TOTAL TIME 35 min INGREDIENTS 5 tablespoons unsalted butter 3 tablespoons […]

Gluten free is so popular that there are numerous home delivery services available. Make your life easier.

The Best Gluten-Free Home Delivery Services Specialty food boxes deliver convenience & good taste. By Erica Dermer ©THINKSTOCK/ISTOCK/KUPBUR Tired of cooking? Still want safe, healthy meals? We tested meal delivery services—the hot new trend—to find you dedicated gluten-free programs and others with gluten-free options. Looking to save some bucks? Most offer discount coupons, free meals or […]

When Going Gluten-Free Is Not Enough:

When Going Gluten-Free Is Not Enough: New Tests Detect Hidden Exposure   April 3, 20188:00 AM ET JILL NEIMARK Enlarge this image A tray of gluten-free pastries. For people with celiac disease, incidental ingestion of gluten can lead to painful symptoms and lasting intestinal damage. Two new studies suggest such exposure may be greater than […]

Serenaj Giancols’s chocolate dipped pretzels #GlutenFree

Serenaj Giancols’s chocolate dipped pretzels #GlutenFree

Gluten Free Conversion Chart

Gluten Free Conversion Chart – Helpful to have on hand!