Gluten is sneaky and is found in all sorts of things, here are 8 such foods.

Soy sauce actually contains gluten.Jonathan Forage / Unsplash Pringles, many sauces and gravies, cornbread, candies, and even some medications and dietary supplements can all be hidden sources of gluten. Soy sauce is usually brewed using wheat, but you can avoid it with many tamari sauces. Oats can be cross-contaminated with wheat, rye, and barley. Blue […]

The keto diet is all about fat, it is Gluten Free and does it make a difference for those looking to lose weight.

Having dietary restrictions can be hard, especially coupled with a gluten free diet. Keto diet can be complicated but it is becoming more popular. The keto diet is an eating plan that consists of 80 percent fat and little to no carbohydrates. Staples of the keto diet are fish, meat, eggs, dairy, oils, and green […]