Are products “processed in a facility that also processes wheat” safe?

Are products “processed in a facility that also processes wheat” safe?

Q: As you probably know, almost all packages of tree nuts now come with the disclaimer “processed in a facility that also processes wheat”. It is never followed by that wonderfully reassuring statement that careful manufacturing practices are followed. For some reason I am finding myself reluctant to purchase, use and eat these nuts. For a long time Costco’s almonds did not bear that statement, so I was content. Now the statement is on the bag. Advice?


Manufacturers are required to follow current standards of good manufacturing practice (GMP) that help to reduce the risk of cross-contact. This includes thorough cleaning of shared equipment, etc. However, these GMPs do not mean that the product has been tested for gluten. Nuts AND seeds are two foods that are at risk for potential cross contact with gluten containing grains, particularly in the facility where they are sorted and packaged and despite GMPs being used.

Allergen statements, such as “processed in a facility that also processes foods containing wheat” or “may contain wheat” are voluntary statements; some manufacturers use them and some do not. They are meant to alert consumers to how a food product may have been processed.

The safest choice is a nut or seed package labeled gluten-free such as, but not limited to, (order from the gluten-free zone; they sell nuts, seeds, flours, etc), (free of 12 common food allergens including gluten; they sell seeds, flours, etc),Wonderful Almonds and Pistachios labeled “gluten-free,” and others. Be sure to avoid bulk bins where there can be a significant risk of cross-contact.

Disclosure: Melinda Dennis has no current financial interest in the companies listed in this Q & A. was a sponsor of Melinda’s Delete the Wheat gluten-free wellness retreat several years ago.

Companies listed above were labeled gluten-free per the manufacturer at the time of this writing. Always check labels for changes which can occur at any time.

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