Millennials Are the Worst Cooks in History, what about the gluten free ones?

Millennials Are the Worst Cooks in History, According to This Study


Millennials may have mastered the fine art of floating on inflatable unicorns, but apparently, their cooking skills suck. surveyed 750 people of all ages (i.e., baby boomers, Generation X and millennials) on their own cooking abilities, knowledge and habits. The findings? While most of the participants considered themselves “good” at cooking, younger people reported cooking less overall and felt their skills were lacking.

Only 5 percent of millennials called themselves “very good” cooks, while 12.4 percent of baby boomers felt they were regular Emeril Lagasses. Half of millennials said they probably couldn’t cook a steak to medium doneness. Or roast a chicken. Or cook salmon. Oof.

We hate to play devil’s advocate (OK, we actually love it), but we’re a little skeptical: Seventy-five percent of baby boomers said they couldn’t make chocolate chip cookies from store-bought dough, but 71 percent could make chocolate chip cookies from scratch. Hmm, self-reported results can only be so accurate…

Our takeaway? Either millennials are too hard on themselves or they need to watch more Barefoot Contessa.

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